In Ottawa, 80% of the trades people are lazy, incompetent, poorly educated and just don't care about the quality of their work. Working with contractors is often not a pleasant experience and is generally stressful for the homeowner. Most homeowners don't have the knowledge to determine if a job is done properly until after the contractor has been paid and problems arise. Most contractors don't explain what they do during the job and what role it plays in making sure the work is done correctly.  The trades people in Ottawa generally perform substandard work, charge a premium for it and are in high demand so they just don't care.
Without any question, Ottawa has a serious shortage of qualified trades people that care about their work and think about how the work should be done properly.
When we quote a job we will take an assessment of the entire project to ensure no problems arise in the future after our work is done.  As an example, when finishing a basement it is extremely important to inspect the eavestrough and grading around the building. It is a basic inspection but it can save the entire renovation from having to be done again due to mold or water damage. If the basement is a poured type, what is the potential for the walls to leak through the empty rod holes?  Are there any cracks in the foundation that need to be properly sealed before they are walled over? What are the potential for mold or other health problems after the basement is finished and how can those potential problems be mitigated before the work begins? Will there be enough air circulation through vents and returns? Most contractors in Ottawa will ignore these basic starting points and others that can lead to real financial setbacks and other problems after the contractor has left.  
If you want quality workmanship at a reasonable price please call us.  If you are looking for the cheapest contractor call someone who doesn't know what they are doing.
We are very personable and we will explain the entire process to you in detail, the costs involved, the materials used and why those materials are selected.  We do this to make sure the homeowner feels comfortable with what we are doing and we believe it lessens the stress on the homeowner. Transparency is extremely important in the process.
Electrical, roofing, and major plumbing is beyond our area of expertise and we work with qualified people in those trades to do the work that we are not licensed or qualified to perform.  Any contractor that can do 'everything' is usually not someone that you should work with.   
We are busy so if you are considering getting some work done, it is best to contact us well in advance of when you want the project quoted or started. 
Why work with us?  We do things properly, the first time, which saves you money in the long term.

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