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Personalized Approach

We listen to what you clearly want and need so we get it right the first time. We're friendly, professional and sincere. We work with you to ensure you agree with the materials we use for the job and you fully understand why we use those materials. There are usually several options for each project and these are discussed in detail.

Excellence and Professionalism 

We are not like a lot of the contractors in Ottawa. We take care, take pictures, work in a manner that is consistent with a professional approach to each project. We are considerate, thoughtful and realize that it is disruptive to daily life when projects are underway. We do our best to put ourselves in our customer's place.

Insured and Guaranteed

Regardless of who you work with, you need to verify that they are insured.  If they are not serious enough about construction to buy insurance are they really people you want to trust with your project? We guarantee all our work and we stand behind our quality and craftsmanship.

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