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We do general construction projects of all kind.  Don't worry about the size of what you need done.  Big or small, if it is something you think we can help you with please give us a call and we can discuss the scope of the project.  We understand how intimidating it can be to talk with contractors but don't worry we're friendly and understanding.

Nicely finished drywall is important.  Many contractors do a reasonable job with the drywall so the homeowner is initially satisfied.  It looks good so why not be satisfied, right?  The problem is that finishing drywall takes relatively little expertise.  What is behind the nicely finished drywall is where so many contractors fail and where the proper knowledge is vital to doing the job correctly. Improper plumbing, ductwork, waterproofing, structure, and insulation can all lead to serious problems after the job is finished and the contractor has left.  We do the entire job with a great deal of care and attention to getting it right, not just what you see.  That is what makes us different from the majority of the contractors in Ottawa.


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